Merge tab

With ConvertX you can join several files together so they will play seamlessly as one titleset. This is useful with very small camcorders files that are better watched linked to each other, or video episodes, etc.

Start by inserting your first file "normally" into the main treeview window. Then go to the Merge Tab (shown in screenshot below).

The file you just inserted is showing as the first file. Any files you add will be "stuck" to that one on the right (as in a timeline going from left beginning to end-right).
Simply insert the file by clicking on the + symbol, as below:

If you have multiple files to join to one another, you can select them all with Ctrl +A and they will be inserted automatically one after the other .
You can organize the files in the order of your choice, simply click on the gray "header" of the file (#1, #2...) and drag it to the desired position. (for instance if you want to move your 3rd file to the 2nd place, click on the gray #3 -duration...., hold your finger on the mouse and place the mouse cursor on the 2- duration... gray header, then release it. Your 3rd file is now the second file, and the second file has moved up one position to the third spot.

Another way to merge several files is to add the first one to the treeview. Then, outside of ConvertX open the folder where the videos you want to merge are located. Select the videos using the button 'crtl' and not drag and drop them over ConvertX to the treeview section and press 'shift' just before releasing the mouse once you are hovering over the titleset you want to merge the videos to.

You can easily remove a file by clicking on the red X icon on its right.
You can insert a file that contains audio and subtitles, or add them manually to each file: Select the subtitle track to be added and repeat for additional video parts if necessary. The added streams will appear in the queue list, below (vertical) the video track:

If you click on the + icon under "queue list", you will get additional technical information about the files added.

Note: If merge 2 video files and add a subtitle file to the first video, the subtitle file if long enough will play through both merged video files.

Note: the settings applied in the other preview tabs will also apply to the "merged" files, behaving as one single titleset. This is true for all the settings such as rotate, and offsets for example set to subtitles and audio files. If you apply and offset to a video (which is infact 2 merged videos) the offset will be in the first and 2nd video.

Note: For COnvertXtoDVD only, the maximum number of files that can be merged is 99. You cannot have more then 99 chapters in a Titleset because on most DVD remote controls not select above 99 (2 digits max, -/ --).
Every merged file adds automatically a start chapter point in the titleset. Reason is that currently all merged files make a chapter at merge point, so limit on files to merge is 99 a limit set by DVD standard not by ConvertXtoDVD.

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