Cut Tab

How to remove unwanted parts of your video

In the Cut section you can cut off any video segment(s) of your choice. Get rid off advertisements, un-needed parts, etc. and customize your video to your exact needs by keeping only what you want.
In no way can you remove a portion from your original file. What you are doing here is defining the portions you do not want ConvertX to convert when it creates your new file. So feel free to play around and get used to the items here. Your original file will not be affected in anyway and to make things easier you have Undo and Redo buttons in this window.

Cutting off part of the video is a straightforward process.

First you need to identify the segment to remove: play the preview and click on the scissors when you identify the area boundaries. It can be useful to play the preview and check the option "Fast forward" and then press pause when you get to the segment and seek around this area after having unchecked "Fast forward".
Use the Scissors icon to indicate the beginning ("left scissors"), then the end of the section (click on "right scissors").

To make sure your selection is as accurate as possible we suggest using the Interval selector. This interval selector controls two separate items:

I - The grey cursor (which has arrows that appears below it). Clicking on these arrow allows you to jump forward or backward in the video at the interval determined in the drop-down menu (1 minute, 1 second, .... or even 1 frame).
grey arrows

II - Once a cut zone has been made and appears red, you can click on it to activate the zone to edit it some more. When a cut zone is active you have two red vertical lines that define the beginning and end of the cut zone. On top of these red lines arrows will appear. Clicking on these arrow allows you to jump forward or backward in the video at the interval determined (1 minute, 1 second, or even 1 frame) making your cut zone bigger or smaller. As you click you will see the scenes changing in the preview window.
For the most accurate result we suggest you chose the "frame" interval. See live in the above preview the cut selection.
red arrows

Tip: The grey cursor as well as the two red vertical lines (that appear when a cut zone is active) can be slided by selecting it with the mouse and dragging them.

Note: What may be awkward is that as soon as you start clicking on these red arrows the grey cursor will align itself with the red vertical line. It does this because the grey cursor indentifies your position and displays the corresponding scene in the preview window. If you are moving the red vertical line, just ignore the grey cursor and continue using the arrows above the red line or sliding it.

Once you're happy with your selection, click on Validate Cut.
If you want to edit your selection, click on it, the boundaries become editable again.
You can delete the cut by clicking on it and pressing Delete cut or click on Undo if you want to go back one step or Redo to go forward one step. Deleting the cut will simply make that portion of the video green again and it will be included in your conversion.

Click on FastForward and the preview will play in faster speed. This can be a useful too for finding the sections you want to remove/cut.

The video duration after the cuts are applied, is indicated and is updated every time you edit the portions cut.

Show cut section at playback if checked will display and play the cut sections you have created in the preview window. The cut sections will display and play in the preview window with red X's drawn through the video to signify what part of the video will be removed/cut. The final result will not have these sections or the video with the red X's, they will be omitted from the conversion. If you uncheck this option, the cut selected will not play in the preview and you will have a preview of the final result.

- By right clicking on the cursor in the video segment (green bar) you have access to some actions, like "Start a cut at current cursor position". If some items are greyed out, click on an already made cut zone and notice these items will no longer be greyed out.
- You may prefer to find all your start and end positions with the grey cursor, using the Interval selector and arrows to precisely nudge forward or backward in the video and use the options in the right click to set start and end positions.

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